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An infrared sauna in Bettendorf IA is a sauna that uses infrared light waves that penetrate the body and create internal heat. Infrared light waves are part of our everyday environment. When you stand outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your face, you are feeling infrared light produced by the sun. Our bodies produce infrared naturally during cell healing. Infrared heat is completely safe, as it is the same heat used to warm premature babies.

The dry heat of the infrared sauna allows clients to breathe easily since the light waves warm the body directly instead of heating the air around a person. This means you can get the benefits of the sauna at lower temperatures (100.4-129°F) and can even open the sauna door and receive benefits.

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Sweating is the body's natural way to heal and stay healthy. Infrared sauna therapy is beneficial for natural healing and prevention because of its ability to penetrate human tissue resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat. It is known to assist with detoxification, immunity, weight loss, heart health, muscle recovery, and relaxation. Many sauna users experience relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neck and back pain because it warms and relaxes joints and muscle tissue. These are all benefits of using an infrared sauna and more keep surfacing as medical research continues. You can use the infrared sauna as part of your natural wellness plan, or book an appointment if you are starting to come down with a cold, healing from surgery or a strained muscle, or if your diet hasn't been well and want a fresh start.


Children and elderly should never book a session over 15 minutes, and enjoy a lower temperature of 100.4°F until they see how their body responds. If you have health issues or are concerned with how you will tolerate heat, a 15-minute session is also recommended as your starting point. You get benefits in 15 minutes, so it is great for a busy lifestyle.

A 30-minute session will extend your infrared benefits and increase the level of detoxification that you experience. It also provides cardiovascular health and soft tissue healing. The longer the session, the more calories your body burns.

With any session time, if you feel pain or discomfort please end your session. Everyone will start at 100.4°F. Clients can increase the sauna temperature as their bodies adjust since everyone has different preferences and tolerances for heat. Always listen to your body!

Keep in mind, that sweating at 115°F is the same as sweating at 130°F.


Drink plenty of water before your session. Most people sweat, so it is important to maintain hydration.

Our infrared sauna is in a private room. It is made of basswood and glass, and can comfortably seat two people.

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The sauna is disinfected after each use. We will place a clean towel on the bench and floor to sit and stand on. Undress to your comfort level, and take a seat on the towel. You will be sweating, so we recommend undressing in undergarments or a swimsuit for your comfort. Additional towels are provided to towel off sweat during/after your sauna use.

Sit back and enjoy your relaxing session.

The sauna will be set to the desired temperature and is a full spectrum infrared, which provides the greatest health benefits. You can bring your water into the sauna to stay hydrated during your session.

If you are new to the sauna, you may not sweat the first few times. Some people have suppressed sweating mechanisms. If this applies to you, take sauna use slowly, as you won't be able to tolerate the sauna as long or get the same benefits without sweating. With continued use, the problem should correct itself and your ability to sweat can return.

We offer an electrolyte replacement drink powder pack that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan for $2 at the front desk. It is important to replace electrolytes after infrared sauna use.


After, it is important to replace electrolytes and fluids by drinking plenty of water, and either drinking an electrolyte replacement beverage (available at the front desk for $2) or eating fruits and dark leafy greens.

Usually, clients feel very relaxed after a session. Their joints feel looser and more flexible, and their pain has eased. Toxins have been released through sweating and will wash away with your next shower. Some patients notice softer, smoother skin.

In a healthy individual, you can use an infrared sauna daily.


Detoxification and the benefits of infrared saunas can help increase blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins in the body. Sauna sweating is one of the body's safest and most natural ways to help eliminate heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, drug residue, and hormone disruptors. It is also known that sweating is a great way to get rid of stored chemicals.


Sweating achieved in a sauna carries off deeply embedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing and clean. Near-infrared therapy will help increase collagen and elastin which helps overall skin appearance. Increased circulation draws the skin's own natural nutrients to the surface for a natural glow and contributes to faster cell regeneration to change the appearance of scars. Many people see improved skin tone, color, elasticity, and texture. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to help improve acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and aid in wound healing with reduced scarring.


An infrared sauna raises the core body temperature, inducing an artificial fever. A fever is the body's mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the immune response. Enhancing the immune system and eliminating toxins will increase overall health and resistance to disease. Infrared therapy will heat the body from the inside which helps reduce the incidence of a cold or the flu and help you recover from illness faster.


Infrared sauna therapy can help keep blood pressure within a healthy range, lower cholesterol, and reduce chronic pain. An infrared sauna session exercises the heart by temporarily reducing blood pressure and improving circulation.


While relaxing in the gentle heat, the benefits of an infrared sauna include increasing core body heat, producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories, similar to exercise. As the body sweats more to cool itself, the heart pumps blood to boost circulation. The increase in metabolism also burns more calories. Infrared saunas help with the elimination of toxins that cause fat storage.


The benefits of infrared saunas include helping relieve inflammation, stiffness, and soreness by increasing blood circulation and allowing deep, penetrating infrared heat to relax muscles and carry off metabolic waste products while delivering oxygen-rich blood to muscles for faster repair and pain relief. Infrared warms the muscles for greater flexibility and range of motion, while relieving muscle tension and pain. Infrared saunas can even bring relief to different forms of arthritis. Radiant heat has been an effective treatment for sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and many other musculoskeletal ailments. Many aches, pains, and stiffness that come with aging can be lessened with regular sauna use.


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