Activator Technique in Bettendorf

Chiropractic Bettendorf IA Activator Technique

Activator Methods technique is a chiropractic method, a method which is used by our Bettendorf Chiropractor, developed over 50 years ago that is well known for being a gentle and low-force technique. Activator uses a spring loaded instrument (called the Activator although many times mistakenly called an "Actuator") to deliver an impulse, moving the bone into the correct alignment. This allows the chiropractic adjustment to be delivered without and clicks, pops, or twist. Patients of all ages and types can benefit from this adjustment.

Activator Technique in Bettendorf

There is even research that shows that the Activator moves the bone as much (if not more) than a traditional hands on adjustment. Dr. Bret has the highest certification with the technique, which is "Advanced Certified Activator Practitioner", making him the only private practice doctor in the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities with this achievement. Chiropractic is for everyone thanks in part to this, give Activator chiropractic a try.


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